"I really like grammar. And spelling. I was a spelling-bee kid. I’m hard-core about grammar."

Kindred spirits.

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Bruschetta with Three Toppings
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Friday Playlist: Hanging Out With Frances Ha

All she wants to do is dance.
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Billie Piper photographed by Matt Holyoak (x)

Billie Piper photographed by Matt Holyoak (x)

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Pickwick Book Shop in Nyack, New York. Messy, cluttered, cozy, literary heaven.

"At Pickwick Book Shop, there isn’t a search button. There’s Jack Dunnigan, who has been behind the counter since 1975. If he doesn’t have it for you, he’ll get the book. But the search and study Jack will give you reflects a depth of knowledge and wisdom that no search engine could ever match."

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Moving Stills (2/?)


Moving Stills (2/?)

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Michael Leunig


Michael Leunig

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